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Our success has been achieved by delivering amazing and genuine footfall at all our Wedding  Shows. We have a combined 30+ years experience within the Wedding industry and are extremely passionate about what we do.

  • SOCIAL MEDIA: We promote via all the main Social Media Networks, daily, using paid & targeted campaigns.

  • NATIONAL & LOCAL ADVERTISING: Using only reputable  publications for our venues and target areas.

  • MAIL SHOTS : Emailing our extensive database of couples & working with the venue to target their inquiries 

  • POSTER/FLYER CAMPAIGNS via retailers and venues.

  • ROAD SIGNAGE : Eye-catching banners guiding visitors and attracting passing traffic

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Sunday 14th January

Sunday 9th January 2022


Sunday 11th February

We pride  ourselves  on our  commitment  to  our  clients and our venues and shows are  meticulously planned  and marketed

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